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Come on, people! I know you wanna win something! Everyone loves free stuff!

In my last Arts, Crafts, and the Macabre article on Zombie Cat’s website, I announced a competition that is super simple to enter. All you have to do is comment on the article! Simmone, YourOrganGrinder shop owner on Etsy, has offered to GIVE AWAY one of her wool felt eyeball ponytail holders! How awesome of her to, completely on her own accord, offer to GIVE AWAY for FREE one of her handmade items!!

I’ve got only TWO comments on the article so far, and I’ll be announcing the winner in four days! What, am I supposed to just eeny-meeny-miny-mo it? Make it more interesting than that, people!

You can win either a blue-irised eyeball or a green-irised one, I’ll let you choose which one you want!







COMMENT NOW! Time is almost up! And to those of you that did already, thanks!!


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Medical Marvels and Brains in Bottles.

My second article in the Arts, Crafts, and the Macabre series is up! Go to Zombie Cat’s website and check it out!

Here’s an excerpt:

“One super talented needle felting artist I recently found on Etsy is Simmone Spring. She is a full-time crafter who lives in Brisbane, Australia, and makes brains. And eyeballs, and kidneys, and prostates… the list goes on. She also has one of the coolest names for an Etsy shop I’ve seen thus far: YourOrganGrinder. Pretty clever play on words, if you ask me.”

There’s a contest within the article as well. Simmone at YourOrganGrinder has offered one of her awesome eyeball hair ties as a prize! All you have to do is go read the article and comment about your favorite item in her shop. Make sure you leave your email address in the comment as well! I will be choosing the winner at random in one week.

See you guys very soon!


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