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Samples for Annapw!

Here are some of the combos I can make out of the “girly” paper and designs I have. Some are pretty darn pink, some are a little funkier, I suppose. I’m not sure just how girly and pink you wanna go…

Here are the blue themed combos I came up with for ya! I was a little more limited when it came to boys’ stuff rather than girls.

And here are the samples of ribbon I have. Again, the boy ribbon choices are more limited than the girls :) It might be hard to put ribbons together with scrapbook paper by just looking at them online, but I thought you might like to see the choices anyway.


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Samples of my crafty work…


All those names? Yeah, they're 100% hand-lettered. Time consuming? You betcha! I think they turn out super cute, though.

This one's hanging in my daughter's room. Every time I make something, she wants one. I can't blame her. They're adorable, right?

These were the first 2 hair bow holders I made. You can find "Princess" ones and customizable ones on my Etsy page!

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