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Polka Dots…

…and Flip Flops!

This afternoon, I mailed off a package of scrapbook crafts to my good friend, Celia Blackmon, who has a children’s boutique in Alabama- Polka Dots and Flip Flops.  Her shop specializes in custom clothing, such as adorable appliques, and custom gifts, like personalized thermoses and monogrammed items. What a perfect place to display some of my hair bow holders, right?

Here’s a gallery of the items that I sent to Celia today:

So everyone go to Polka Dots and Flip Flop‘s Facebook page and take a good, long gander :) There’s way too many cute things, you can pour through all the pictures Celia has posted for hours.

Be on the lookout for my items to make an appearance soon! All of my wall hangings and hair bow holders are 100% customizable, so if you see something you like, contact me with the details and I’ll whip something up for ya!

Thanks again, Celia!



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