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Yay for paperback books!

Lookee what I got today! 15 paperbacks for only about 12 cents each!

Used book stores are so cool. I left my business card with them and told them to keep me in mind whenever they have surplus to dispose of from now on. I can definitely use it :) And whatever scraps are leftover that I don’t use for the current project I’m using these for, will be saved and used for other projects or sent to the recycler.

As the guy at the counter was bagging these up for me I said, “I think these might be enough for the project I’m making right now. I might be back soon though.” He laughed and gave me a weird look, raising one eyebrow. Art is awesome.


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Look what I’ve been working on! Wedding Favors…

Last month, a customer ordered a set of my paperback book ornament sculptures from my Etsy shop. I made them, shipped them off, and left feedback. Pretty normal transaction, right?

paperback book ornament sculptures

Well, she then proceeded to send me a message via Etsy and asked if I would be interested in making a custom order for her of about 100 – 125 of them as wedding favors for her guests at her September 2011 wedding. What? Oh, wow! I was honored and flattered that she wanted MY art in her wedding, her special day. I messaged her back, “Of course! That sounds awesome!”

Fast forward one month and countless emails later… She has paid her deposit on the ornaments and I am in full swing of making 120 of these little bad boys. She has requested 60 sphere-shaped ones and 60 diamond-shaped ones, all with navy ribbon. She’s also had shipped to me 120 beautiful little labels with her and her fiance’s names and the date of the wedding on them, and 120 3x3x3″ one-piece gift boxes so I can individually box each ornament before shipping them to her.

Here’s a picture that I emailed her the other night of two of the ornaments that I’ve made so far so she could see how they looked with the navy ribbon and the raspberry colored labels on them:

wedding favor ornaments

Within the emails going over details and logistics of the favors and the shipping and the customization, I found out  she wasn’t even planning on having any sort of favor at her wedding in the first place until she saw my item in my Etsy shop. The theme of their wedding is “Book of Love” and she just couldn’t resist these once she saw them. I thought that was so cool! She loved my ornaments so much that it prompted her to not only have favors, but also spend even more money on labels and individual boxes for them!

I have lots and lots of work to do before September. 120 ornaments is no small task, you know? BUT, I hope to make this just the *first* of my custom orders for wedding favors… I’m gonna try to publicize these like crazy. What a good market to get in, huh? I’m gonna make sure I request that her wedding photographer get some good pictures of these babies on the tables at her reception so I can put together an awesome portfolio.


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More Quilling!

Good news, friends! I added “buy it now” buttons to each of the pictures of the quilled ornaments in the last post I put up. Spread the word and send your friends on over!

Here’s a link to a listing on my Etsy page as well for a set of 4 quilling ornaments that I made:

Photo of the quilling set for sale in my Etsy shop.

Oh my gosh, I love these things! They’re so pretty and delicate. Actually, they’re not literally delicate. They’re pretty sturdy. The only instance I’ve had of one breaking was when my seven year old picked one up. She had some birthday money and wanted to buy one from me (how cute is that?). I wasn’t looking, but I’m pretty sure she was bending it to see how far it would go before it broke. You know first graders, always testing their limits.

Hey, send me a message or leave a comment and let me know how I can make a special order for you! Want paper of a specific color? Ribbon of a specific color? Want specific shapes? I can make crosses and hearts and cool stuff like that. Lemme know!!

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Quilling Ornaments

Various styles and shapes of quillings that I’ve made. I just added little ribbons to them to give you some ideas of what they can be used for. They’re ideal for little gift embellishments, tree ornaments, window decorations, etc. Once it gets closer to Christmas, I’ll be making some out of scraps of wrapping paper so they’ll be Christmas-y colors. They’ll be perfect for the holidays as ornaments and gifts!

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