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DIY Dress Form on a *tight* Budget! Booyah!!

I have to say, this is one of the most informative and useful do-it-yourself blog posts I have ever come across online. No lie!!

Once you click on the following link, you will learn how to make this dress form for approximately $35 or less:

DIY Dress Form

Follow this link: and learn how to DIY!!

I totally need a dress form, not because I sew or make clothing, but for my vintage shop! I have aprons, coverall aprons, and dresses that I’ve posted in my shop that could have way better photos with a better chance of selling if they were displayed on a dress form rather than just a hanger or laid out on a table. But dress forms… they’re so expensive! And with my kind of budget, they’re not only expensive, they’re outrageous!

I found this tutorial on Etsy’s Upcyclers Team’s website and definitely wanted to share it with as many fellow artists or vintage entrepreneurs as I could.  I bookmarked the above blog post on my desktop. I will totally be using it and the links in it to make a dress form in the near future.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t checked out Etsy’s Upcyclers Team (of which I just so happen to be a member), then you need to subscribe to their website:, go like their Facebook Page, and follow them on Twitter!!






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Art + Animals = Artimals

This is one of my favorite forms of upcycling! Taking an old, unwanted toy and transforming it into a work of art!

Monsieur Brachiosaur - decoupaged with pages from a French/English dictionary

You can find them all over the place at yard sales and thrift stores, even in the trash- plastic animal toys or little ceramic animal figurines that have served their purpose in a kid’s room or the kitchen window sill, and then given or thrown away. They still have a use! Art!

Gotta buncha extra tissue paper lying around? Well, viola! You have yourself a Lap Giraffe!

They’re like little sculptures. I have them all over my computer desk and china sideboard like a bunch of little sentinels. My husband has one on his desk at work. My daughter has them on her dresser in her room. They’re fun :) All I do is decoupage them with cut-up magazine pages, paperback book pages, used tissue paper, even map pages from an old atlas!

Unfinished Traveler Elephant - sorry little guy, this is what happens when you have way too many projects going on at once...

I have several of these guys in my Etsy shop right now, plus a cardboard box full of dinosaurs, etc., just waiting to be arted! They seem to be pretty popular! I just have so many things going on at once right now… I’ll work on more soon I hope!


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Found Objects are my Friends

I’ve been having fun making new jewelry recently! When I first started making earrings and necklaces, I focused a lot on reclaiming old jewelry and using things like keys and metal washers, etc., to give my stuff sort of a modern steampunk kind of look. These new pieces I’ve made are kind of a little different- more off the wall, I guess. The found objects I’ve used in some of these are kinda funky. Here, just have a look at a few:



And then there’s the paper earrings that I’m experimenting with! These are some of my favorites. I use heavy stock paper (like postcard thickness so it isn’t all bendy and not quite as fragile as it sounds) combined with found objects. The ones I’ve made so far are really big and dangly so they really make a statement! But because they’re made with mainly paper, they weigh practically nothing, it’s so cool:


Only about half of these earrings have been posted in my Etsy shop so far. If you click on the thumbnail pictures above, it’ll lead you to the listing on Etsy if they’re for sale. If you love one of the pairs above but don’t see it listed in my shop, let me know! I’ll post it for ya :)





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Art That Goes Bump in the Night

My new Arts, Crafts, and the Macabre article on the Zombie Cat Productions website was posted last week! This article was about a fantastic shop called Morose and Macabre, run by who else but Dr. Morose and Miss Macabre. I totally fell in love with these guys and blathered on about them in an almost embarrassing fashion for the entire article. Here’s an excerpt:

They describe themselves as Neo-Victorian inspired, low brow, horror artists (Oh, how romantic is that?) and they create pretty much any kind of art you can think of, from original paintings and prints, to jewelry, assemblages, post-mortem shadowboxes, and my very absolute favorite: dolls and poppets. Just have a look at the very first item of theirs that I saw that made me fall in love:

Six & Seven The Conjoined Twin dolls by Macabre

The doll above is just one small example of the kinds of items Morose and Macabre sell in their shop. They have paintings, prints, jewelry, dolls, t-shirts, everything!

Dolly-rot by Morose

They also have a Facebook page, a Myspace page, a website, a blog… you can find these guys on the internet everywhere… All the links are easily found in my article, which you can easily read by clicking here!

Now, I understand that the shops I feature in my Arts, Crafts, and the Macabre column are usually of a distinct taste… They’re not for everyone and I can appreciate that, but I still hope you appreciate the quality of their art as much as I do!

Go check out Morose and Macabre on Etsy. They’re easily one of my favorite shops thus far :)





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Being vintage is fun!

My vintage shop on Etsy hasn’t even been open for an entire month yet and I’ve already made three sales! I find it exciting, not just because I’m earning money, but because people are falling in love with and willing to pay for things that I don’t use or don’t want, or that my mom has had stored away in a drawer or cabinet for decades :) I’m finding new lives for this great stuff!

An apron with roosters on it that was my Nana’s from the fifties? SOLD! A set of three straw trivets that I had bought at a thrift store and kind of forgotten about? SOLD! A handful of my old Brownie and Girl Scout patches from ’88 that I have no clue why I was hanging on to? Yep, SOLD!

One customer told me that she was giving the apron as a wedding gift to her sister. Wow, that’s too cool! And another customer was a boutique bag shop- I wonder if my girl scout patches are going to be sewn onto some couture purse somewhere? Neat!

Here are a few photos of a couple new items in my shop, just posted in the past couple weeks:


Each thumbnail above should link directly to the item in my store. Go have a look! I don’t care if you’re not buying anything, I just think it’s neat to go read a little history about each item!

I have several more items that I haven’t listed yet, so keep your eye out for new stuff! Er, um- well, vintage stuff is by definition not new, but you know what I mean :D


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Look what I’ve been working on! Wedding Favors…

Last month, a customer ordered a set of my paperback book ornament sculptures from my Etsy shop. I made them, shipped them off, and left feedback. Pretty normal transaction, right?

paperback book ornament sculptures

Well, she then proceeded to send me a message via Etsy and asked if I would be interested in making a custom order for her of about 100 – 125 of them as wedding favors for her guests at her September 2011 wedding. What? Oh, wow! I was honored and flattered that she wanted MY art in her wedding, her special day. I messaged her back, “Of course! That sounds awesome!”

Fast forward one month and countless emails later… She has paid her deposit on the ornaments and I am in full swing of making 120 of these little bad boys. She has requested 60 sphere-shaped ones and 60 diamond-shaped ones, all with navy ribbon. She’s also had shipped to me 120 beautiful little labels with her and her fiance’s names and the date of the wedding on them, and 120 3x3x3″ one-piece gift boxes so I can individually box each ornament before shipping them to her.

Here’s a picture that I emailed her the other night of two of the ornaments that I’ve made so far so she could see how they looked with the navy ribbon and the raspberry colored labels on them:

wedding favor ornaments

Within the emails going over details and logistics of the favors and the shipping and the customization, I found out  she wasn’t even planning on having any sort of favor at her wedding in the first place until she saw my item in my Etsy shop. The theme of their wedding is “Book of Love” and she just couldn’t resist these once she saw them. I thought that was so cool! She loved my ornaments so much that it prompted her to not only have favors, but also spend even more money on labels and individual boxes for them!

I have lots and lots of work to do before September. 120 ornaments is no small task, you know? BUT, I hope to make this just the *first* of my custom orders for wedding favors… I’m gonna try to publicize these like crazy. What a good market to get in, huh? I’m gonna make sure I request that her wedding photographer get some good pictures of these babies on the tables at her reception so I can put together an awesome portfolio.


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Trying to play catch-up!

Holy cow, I haven’t updated this section of my blog in at least a month! Sheesh. I’ve published three articles for my Arts, Crafts, and the Macabre column over at Zombie Cat Productions and I haven’t written about any of them here. I knew I was behind but I didn’t realize…

Okay, so here’s what I’ve written about since the last time I saw you. Human Skulls, Autopsy Scene Postcards, and most recently, Dr. Frankenstein-esque Jewelry. I even found a little wiggle room to write about my own Etsy shop in one of the articles! I don’t make macabre type stuff, but I found a loophole. Okay, so I *made* a loophole. Hey, you go write your own article for a website and see if you don’t make your own loophole or two as well. Hmph.

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