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Like a dog in a lab coat…


These “artimals” are mostly decoupaged dinos, but I did sneak one lonely little elephant in there. Anyways, clockwise from the top right I used: used wrapping paper, old subway maps, comic book pages and phone book paper (the yellow pages), and old magazine pages (here, a Reader’s Digest to be exact). There’s a smallish dino somewhere that’s decoupaged with newspaper advertisements, but I’m not sure I got a picture of him…


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Quilled Keepsake Box

I realize that I’ve posted a few articles on here about the various quilling ornaments that I’ve made, but I never did post an article about the keepsake box that I decoupaged with paperback book pages and then decorated with quilling. I definitely need to do that. I want to make sure people see what other kind of uses quilling can be used for, such as decorating boxes and frames and greeting cards, and all kinds of stuff!

Once the design is made with the little quilled shapes, they glue onto items, such as this keepsake box, really easily. I always use Mod Podge when decoupaging things and I also just used Mod Podge to attach the quilling to the box.

This is actually the box that I mailed to Germany a couple of months ago to be featured on a product review website. The woman who initially contacted me about it hasn’t featured it yet. I check back on her website every once in a while but as of yet, it hasn’t been reviewed and/written about. I’ve also contacted her via email as well but I haven’t heard back from her. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get some European advertisement out of it eventually or maybe I just spent a lot of time and energy making this and then $15 shipping it to Germany all for naught.

Eh, ya win some ya lose some. If I do ever hear from her, I’ll write a blog post about it for you. Until then, take a look at a couple more photos:


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Decoupaged Keepsake Boxes












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Art + Animals = Artimals

This is one of my favorite forms of upcycling! Taking an old, unwanted toy and transforming it into a work of art!

Monsieur Brachiosaur - decoupaged with pages from a French/English dictionary

You can find them all over the place at yard sales and thrift stores, even in the trash- plastic animal toys or little ceramic animal figurines that have served their purpose in a kid’s room or the kitchen window sill, and then given or thrown away. They still have a use! Art!

Gotta buncha extra tissue paper lying around? Well, viola! You have yourself a Lap Giraffe!

They’re like little sculptures. I have them all over my computer desk and china sideboard like a bunch of little sentinels. My husband has one on his desk at work. My daughter has them on her dresser in her room. They’re fun :) All I do is decoupage them with cut-up magazine pages, paperback book pages, used tissue paper, even map pages from an old atlas!

Unfinished Traveler Elephant - sorry little guy, this is what happens when you have way too many projects going on at once...

I have several of these guys in my Etsy shop right now, plus a cardboard box full of dinosaurs, etc., just waiting to be arted! They seem to be pretty popular! I just have so many things going on at once right now… I’ll work on more soon I hope!


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Ich liebe Deutschland!

So last week I mailed off my item to Germany (see post below) to be featured on the German website,, a website that reviews various handmade as well as commercially made products that they find interesting. There’s a lot of jewelry on there as well as candy, food, home decor, and clothes, and a large number of the items are found on, the European equivalent of Etsy.

Here’s the item that I sent to be tested and reviewed on the website:

It’s lined with velveteen ribbon and is meant to be used as a jewelry or keepsake box. I hope I get good reviews! International media, here I come!

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ArtsFest 2011 was a success!

This past weekend was spent down in Statesboro, Ga at the 29th annual ArtsFest, hosted by the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art at Georgia Southern University. I had a booth in the artists’ market there, and I actually did very well, selling quite a bit more than I thought I would! I found out what my most popular items were, and figured out what people loved, but didn’t buy. My business strategies are evolving!

While we were there, we had a mini birthday party for Guacamolly. Her birthday is actually this coming Tuesday, but she definitely wanted to see her friends while she was in town. I made goody bags for them and they had cookies and juice, then went around and did all the crafts together. She loves ArtsFest and I love the fact that it’s a practically free birthday party :)

Here’s a little gallery of all the photos I managed to sneak in (Thanks to Bekah, who took my camera around with her while I was stuck at my booth):


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ArtsFest at GSU

Oh my gosh, I have been so incredibly busy the past few weeks. I haven’t really been posting anything new in my Etsy shop or any new links to my Facebook page or posts on here… I’ve been working 24/7 at creating things to sell at ArtsFest next Saturday at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA, down in south Georgia near Savannah. Georgia Southern is my alma mater. I graduated from there in 2008 with a double major in Art History and Studio Arts (just a credit or two shy of Painting, I decided I had been in school long enough and Studio Arts looked good enough, right?).

Anyway, ArtsFest has been an annual event down there for how many years? Almost 30, I believe. It used to be called the Youth Arts Festival, but now it’s geared more towards people of all ages, not just kids. I know I’ve been going almost every year since I was in kindergarten or something like that. Two years ago, Molly had her birthday party there. It was just a little get together of her and a few of her friends and they all went around and did the crafts together, and got their faces painted and stuff like that.

So this year I have a booth in the Artists’ Market down there. I’m so excited! I’ve gone as a kid, as a student, as a volunteer, as a mom, and this year I get to go as an artist. Pretty cool. I’m listed under the Artists’ Market as Upcycled Art by Maggie Horne Thomas. Some of the things I’m selling- gift bows from book pages and magazine pages, recycled gift tags from cereal boxes and etc., decoupaged keepsake boxes, decoupaged frames and mirrors, assorted quilled ornaments, paper ornaments made from book pages, book sculptures, hair bows, and framed, mixed media collages. Most of these things are listed in my Etsy shop or pictures of them are in my Facebook albums.

I’ll write up another quick blog post later this week as soon as I get closer to finishing all the items for sale, and I’ll make sure I post pictures. Right now, I’ve got to get to work!!

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