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Ich liebe Deutschland!

So last week I mailed off my item to Germany (see post below) to be featured on the German website,, a website that reviews various handmade as well as commercially made products that they find interesting. There’s a lot of jewelry on there as well as candy, food, home decor, and clothes, and a large number of the items are found on, the European equivalent of Etsy.

Here’s the item that I sent to be tested and reviewed on the website:

It’s lined with velveteen ribbon and is meant to be used as a jewelry or keepsake box. I hope I get good reviews! International media, here I come!


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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Oh my goodness, how cool is this? Someone from GERMANY contacted me on Etsy and wants to write up a review about one of my items in my Etsy shop!!

Apparently, she has a website over on the German interwebz where she tests out and reviews items from different shops, websites, companies, and online stores. I’ve totally checked out her website and it looks nifty and all legit and stuff. There is one thing I’m curious about, though- not any of the 3 dozen or so items that she has tested and reviewed come from anything other than a German website or company. She links to everything and shows lots of good pictures and writes about everything very nicely, but nothing is American or English (unless you click “yes, Google, I would very much like you to translate this page for me, thanks”). I just wonder why she chose *me*… I’m SO not German. Well, at least not for a few generations back, that is.

I had to figure this out so I did a little research. I will apparently be one of the first Etsy items on her site. A good number of the items she has reviewed come from shops on the German version of Etsy called Dawanda. I had never heard of it until now. So there ya go. Huh. Call me flattered.

Sooooo… International media attention. WOOHOO, am i right? :D

Anyway, go look at her site, it’s Creative-Shops-Finden, and I do have to say the front page is super-cute. All strawberried up and stuff.

I’m totally about to be Big In Germany <3


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