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Special Order for Bekah!

Bekah actually pre-ordered these cards, and it took me almost a week to finish them. I should be going to the post office to mail them off this afternoon!

30 one-sided, non-folding birthday cards, made from decorative scrapbook paper, various colored card stock and lots of different kinds of paper, stickers, buttons, stamps, etc.- embellishments of all kinds!! They all come with their own white envelope suitable for mailing, although extra postage may be required because of weight or thickness. These handmade cards usually go for $7 each, but order them in bulk and receive a hefty discount!

Thanks Bekah!!


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Birthday Cards!

These are all one-sided, non-folding cards, all approximate 5″ x 7″ in size.  I made some that are girl-themed, some are boy-themed, and some are unisex. Each one comes with a nice, white envelope, suitable for mailing. Because these cards don’t open, I’ve made a nice little space on the back to write a little Happy Birthday note :)

They may not look like it at first glance, but a lot of time goes into making these. I guess I could have cut a lot of corners, so to speak, when it came to cutting some of these things out and attaching and gluing things, but pretty much everything you see was completely done by hand.

I take pride in the amount of detail that I expend on each little scrapbook craft that I make. I think they’re adorable. So there.

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