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I’m in Love with Galactic Perry.

“…Travis Young is from Atlanta, and he makes one of the best, ahem, children’s shows ever: “Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship.” It’s self-described as “Family Guy meets Mr. Rogers,” but honestly, the first couple of shows I thought of when I sat for almost an hour watching and re-watching all their YouTube videos were “Imagination Movers” (minus the stupid singing, dancing, and musical instruments) and “Mystery Science Theater 3000…”

You should definitely head on over to Zombie Cat Productions and read my article about Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship. It may be one of the best things on the interwebz right about now. For serious. Maybe I’m a little biased because Perry reminds me of my husband. He’s so random. I will be the first to admit though, my sense of humor is a little skewed compared to others’. As long as I can see a little bit of intelligence behind the jokes, I’m all over it. And lemme tell you, this show is nothing but brains, yo.

I mean, come on! Who couldn’t fall in love with that face??

You HAVE to at least watch this video:

Every time I watch it, the theme song gets stuck in my head. And I LOVE it!



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Atlanta Film Festival Screening

Its official! Last week we at Zombie Cat Productions found out that our short film, Frowning, won the ATL Short Cuts Film Contest and is being screened at the Atlanta Film Festival in May!! In case you don’t understand the importance of this to filmmakers and art directors such as ourselves, it’s HUGE! The amount of publicity we’ll be getting out of this is tremendous!

The AFF has already written a little about us and linked to the Zombie Cat website and Orgazimation– the stop-motion webseries that Zombie Cat Productions made and produced from 2009 to 2010- and that is a huge deal! We have an official page on the Atlanta Film Festival site now. It’s very cool.

It’s being screened at the AFF twice next week- on Tuesday, May 3rd and on Friday, May 6th. You can buy tickets right there on the website and it’ll only cost you ten dollars to go see one of our showings along with the AFF films in that block of time! We’ll be there Friday and I hope to see some of you there!

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We Make Art in Atlanta:

As a continuation of the article I wrote, “Why I love Atlanta and Making Art Here,” Zombie Cat Productions has been interviewing local Atlanta artists almost nonstop in a continuing series called “I Make Art in Atlanta.” Here are the artists so far that have been so awesome and taken time to talk with us:

Chis Hamer– mixed media artist whose comment on the original Burnaway article spawned this series of Atlanta Art Community spotlights

Jinx Strange– painter, mixed media sculptor, writer, and web comic creator

Rick Lovell– designer and illustrator, educator at Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta campus

Angelyn Pass– mixed media artist who works with film negatives in Celluloidic Artistry

Yu-Kai Lin– contemporary artist, owner/director of Kai Lin Art, a midtown Atlanta art gallery

Michi Meko– installation artist who works with found objects, mixed media

Adam Wellborn– mixed media artist specializing in the use of resin

Evereman– “street artist” or “tag artist” who gives to the community through the Evereman Project

You have to go check out every one of the above links and read a little bit about each artist and find out how they feel about Atlanta and fellow local Atlanta artists. It’s a real eye-opener.

I’m proud to be an artist here in Atlanta. I have yet to get my work out there like many of the guys in these articles, but I’m definitely working on it. Slowly but surely. For now, I’m just honored and proud to feel like I even fit in the same category as them.

This topic of local artists that Zombie Cat has been focusing on recently has touched home and is something that I really feel strongly about. Please, go read. You’ll love it as much as I do.


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And the winner is…


Holy cow, we totally won!! Not the viewer’s choice award, not second place or runner up, but we won THE WHOLE SHEBANG!

You can read about it on Creative Loafing’s website, but here’s basically what they’re sayin:

Zombie Cat Productions is the coolest, most awesome group of film-makers the Atlanta area has ever seen or ever will see. We had no choice but to give them first place in the Atlanta ShortCuts Film Contest. It was a no-brainer.

Okay, so that was what they were thinking. For realz, yo.

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Why I Love Atlanta and Making Art Here.

I wrote this article in response to an another article that Molly C. brought to my attention regarding why young artists are leaving Atlanta.  Maybe I’m being a little too quick to criticize, but geez, what a bunch of whiners.

I have to say I’m particularly proud of my rebuttal on the Zombie Cat website… here’s a little bit of a teaser:

“…Being a successful artist is just like being successful in any other career choice or professional calling that one might choose to follow. It usually (and by usually, I mean always) takes a long, long time. A lifetime for some. … for the most part, it’s not the city’s fault if you don’t “hit it big.” Look within yourself, people.”

You know you totally wanna go read it.


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Whew! We did it!

And it’s gonna be screened tonight by the Atlanta Short Cuts Film Festival!

We totally finished filming our stop-motion movie about two weeks ago, but I’m so bad at keeping my blog updated… I even have a picture that I took on our next to last day of filming that I was supposed to post as another sneak peek.

Intriguing, eh? What in the heck does a balloon animal, a magic wand, a clay gun, two clay lollipops, and a single silk flower have to do with each other? Well… I can’t tell you yet.

All of the films that made it into the Short Cuts Film Festival are being screened tonight and tomorrow night. As soon as we know how we did and whether or not we’ll also be shown at the Atlanta Film Festival, I’ll be able to post a link to the film itself in all of its YouTube glory. Minus a nuance or two…

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Almost Done!

The Zombie Cat Productions film team, which currently consists of Molly C., Chuck, and me, have been working on a stop-motion short film for the past few weeks. It’s called “Frowning,” based on a short story written by The Dust, and we’re doing it for the Atlanta Shortcuts Film Festival, sponsored by Creative Loafing. Our schedules are ridiculously crazy, what with jobs and kids and real-life junk like that, so we’ve been able to work on it two days a week, about five hours a day. Give or take. Molly is Producer and Editor,  Chuck is Lead Animator (or maybe I should say the *Only* Animator, heehee) and I got the awesome title of Art Director. I’ve been making pretty much all the sets and props and whatnots. Impressive, no? We’ve worked well together so far. I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the !!!Magic of Cinema!!! I’ve put together a little gallery here of some behind-the-scene pictures I’ve taken while we’ve been in production. Also, go see all the fun pics Molly C.’s been taking over the past few weeks during shooting too:  (her camera’s MUCH better than mine).

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