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FROWNING at the Atlanta Film Festival!

Last night was the first of two screenings of our short film, “Frowning,” at the Atlanta Film Festival. It’s okay if you didn’t make it… I didn’t either. It was a school night and I have a kidlet! She and I will both be at the second screening this Friday afternoon, so it’s cool. However, I let Chuck out of the house to go play with his friends for once and here are some of the pictures from their various cameras:

Dustin, Molly C, and Chuck taking Q&A after the screening

Photo opp on the red carpet!

I’m really excited about going on Friday. I bought a new shirt and everything! Gotta be red carpet ready, ya know? I’m such a goober…


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Atlanta Film Festival Screening

Its official! Last week we at Zombie Cat Productions found out that our short film, Frowning, won the ATL Short Cuts Film Contest and is being screened at the Atlanta Film Festival in May!! In case you don’t understand the importance of this to filmmakers and art directors such as ourselves, it’s HUGE! The amount of publicity we’ll be getting out of this is tremendous!

The AFF has already written a little about us and linked to the Zombie Cat website and Orgazimation– the stop-motion webseries that Zombie Cat Productions made and produced from 2009 to 2010- and that is a huge deal! We have an official page on the Atlanta Film Festival site now. It’s very cool.

It’s being screened at the AFF twice next week- on Tuesday, May 3rd and on Friday, May 6th. You can buy tickets right there on the website and it’ll only cost you ten dollars to go see one of our showings along with the AFF films in that block of time! We’ll be there Friday and I hope to see some of you there!

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And the winner is…


Holy cow, we totally won!! Not the viewer’s choice award, not second place or runner up, but we won THE WHOLE SHEBANG!

You can read about it on Creative Loafing’s website, but here’s basically what they’re sayin:

Zombie Cat Productions is the coolest, most awesome group of film-makers the Atlanta area has ever seen or ever will see. We had no choice but to give them first place in the Atlanta ShortCuts Film Contest. It was a no-brainer.

Okay, so that was what they were thinking. For realz, yo.

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