Redux Stationery

Redux stationery? How is that different than regular ole’ stationery? Well, it’s just like any of my other art, I reuse old and unwanted stuff to make it. I don’t ever throw away anything. I save almost every paper I come across if I think it has the potential to be used one day. I look at the color and texture, the image or words, the thickness and size, and I ask myself if it would be interesting if used in another way. The answer is usually always yes.

The term “redux” is an adjective that means brought back, resurgent- to rise again. And that’s what I do. I make things rise again. I bring the dead to life (I feel like Dr. Frankenstein every time I say that).  Mwahahaha!

I make greeting cards and envelopes from old cards, old postcards, book pages and images, newspaper, magazines, scrapbook paper, craft paper, and recently- my most favorite- empty boxes from the recycling bin: cereal boxes, Rice-a-Roni boxes, mac & cheese, StoveTop stuffing, pasta boxes, granola bar boxes, fruit snacks, cookies, crackers… the list is endless.

Here are a few examples of the stuff I’ve made in the past:



Anything you don’t want or don’t think you need, think again. It can be used. Don’t throw paper or books or magazines in the trash, recycle them. Or better yet, UPcycle them! Even better, send them all to me! I have friends asking me if I’d like their “trash” all the time! Mail me a care package of recyclables and “junk” for me to use in my art, and I’ll refund you all your shipping expenses in my Etsy store! Spend $5 in postage? Save $5 off an item in my shop! Spend $10? Save $10! You get the idea…

Email me at if you have any questions or suggestions or ideas. I want to hear from you! If nothing else, just to prove to myself that I’m actually updating my website and writing blog posts for people other than me and (occasionally) my husband :D

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