Redux Recycling

What is Redux Recycling? Redux Recycling is basically just a fancy term I came up with for my upcycled art. So what’s upcycled art? Well, (according to Wikipedia) upcycling is the opposite of downcycling, which is the other half of the recycling process. Downcycling involves converting materials and products into new materials of lesser quality. Upcycling, on the other hand, is where old products are given more value not less. 

I basically take old, unwanted, useless, or broken things and give them new lives as art. I thrive off of yard sales, thrift stores, trash piles, and recycling bins. In a society and culture that produces SO much consumer waste, I try to do my small part to reduce the amount of trash out there in the world.

The following is from my Etsy shop profile and shop announcement, basically my artist’s statement about my Redux Recycling:

“A painter’s tastes must grow out of what so obsesses him in life that he never has to ask what is suitable for him to do in art.” — Lucian Freud

Simply put, I am obsessed with trash. I create my art with any and all things that are considered unusable, unwanted, and unappreciated by others. I work with things that are considered “found objects” and use them to create art that is classified as “mixed media.” I feel that art can be one of the most beautiful and creative ways to recycle. I fully embrace the term “upcycling,” reusing items to give them new life, to be appreciated in ways that they never were before. I believe that any old item can have more value than it did before, not less.

I have a deep love of all things old and used, anything that has the potential for new life. I create beautiful and functional art using all recycled and recyclable materials including books, magazines, cardboard, all found objects like toys, plastic items, rubber… anything discarded by others. Basically stuff and junk and trash. If it’s unwanted, I will definitely claim it as my own.

Right now, some of my favorite materials to work with are paper and fabric, two things that are often and easily overlooked in western society as strictly utilitarian, mass produced, and all too easily discarded. 

I hope as you look around at my art, you are inspired to upcycle and create new lives in your own way. Look twice at everything around you and try to embrace all the “trash” in the world. 

An old photo of the table in my makeshift studio. Looks like a table full of just stuff and junk and trash, right? It's beautiful...




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