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Quilled Keepsake Box

I realize that I’ve posted a few articles on here about the various quilling ornaments that I’ve made, but I never did post an article about the keepsake box that I decoupaged with paperback book pages and then decorated with quilling. I definitely need to do that. I want to make sure people see what other kind of uses quilling can be used for, such as decorating boxes and frames and greeting cards, and all kinds of stuff!

Once the design is made with the little quilled shapes, they glue onto items, such as this keepsake box, really easily. I always use Mod Podge when decoupaging things and I also just used Mod Podge to attach the quilling to the box.

This is actually the box that I mailed to Germany a couple of months ago to be featured on a product review website. The woman who initially contacted me about it hasn’t featured it yet. I check back on her website every once in a while but as of yet, it hasn’t been reviewed and/written about. I’ve also contacted her via email as well but I haven’t heard back from her. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get some European advertisement out of it eventually or maybe I just spent a lot of time and energy making this and then $15 shipping it to Germany all for naught.

Eh, ya win some ya lose some. If I do ever hear from her, I’ll write a blog post about it for you. Until then, take a look at a couple more photos:



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More Quilling!

Good news, friends! I added “buy it now” buttons to each of the pictures of the quilled ornaments in the last post I put up. Spread the word and send your friends on over!

Here’s a link to a listing on my Etsy page as well for a set of 4 quilling ornaments that I made:

Photo of the quilling set for sale in my Etsy shop.

Oh my gosh, I love these things! They’re so pretty and delicate. Actually, they’re not literally delicate. They’re pretty sturdy. The only instance I’ve had of one breaking was when my seven year old picked one up. She had some birthday money and wanted to buy one from me (how cute is that?). I wasn’t looking, but I’m pretty sure she was bending it to see how far it would go before it broke. You know first graders, always testing their limits.

Hey, send me a message or leave a comment and let me know how I can make a special order for you! Want paper of a specific color? Ribbon of a specific color? Want specific shapes? I can make crosses and hearts and cool stuff like that. Lemme know!!

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Quilling Ornaments

Various styles and shapes of quillings that I’ve made. I just added little ribbons to them to give you some ideas of what they can be used for. They’re ideal for little gift embellishments, tree ornaments, window decorations, etc. Once it gets closer to Christmas, I’ll be making some out of scraps of wrapping paper so they’ll be Christmas-y colors. They’ll be perfect for the holidays as ornaments and gifts!

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My First Quills…

I’m not sure what exactly to do with them yet. I love them! I can make ornaments out of them for windows and walls and Christmas trees, etc., or I can use them to decorate cards or frames or… anything, I suppose! They’re pretty, huh?

Made from strips of book paper about half a centimeter in width...

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