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Don’t Throw Away your Magazines!


You don’t have to save the entire magazine, necessarily. Just go through it and tear out the pages that have lots of nice colors and good images on them, then throw the rest of the magazine into the recycle bin. Make gift bows with the pages you saved! It’ll save you tons of money during the holidays, especially. Bags of gift bows at Xmas time cost a few dollars each, but these bows are $0! You already pay for the magazine subscriptions, right? Well, get your money out of them twice! Or you could just mail the pages you tear out to me… I’ll use ’em :)


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More Gift Bows!

I love these things! They’re fun.



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Upcycled Gift Bows with Toys

Here are some samples of little toy-filled gift bows I’ve made over time.  These absolutely charming paper gift bows are handmade using pages from “Jack and Jill,” a children’s magazine. Each is accented in the center with a cute little toy, letting you decorate your gift with a gift! Each bow measures almost 5″ in diameter.

These can be sold individually or as many in a set as you like. If you’re interested,  leave me a comment or send me a convo over on my Etsy page, and I will post a special order listing for you!

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Gift Bows Made From Books!

What a creative way to recycle! Add a handmade flair to your gifts with these awesome paper gift bows made from books!

Sold in a set of ten (!), these absolutely charming paper gift bows are handmade using pages from various paperback books, such as used textbooks and romance novels, giving them an antique/vintage look and feel. Each bow measures approximately 2 3/4″ in diameter.





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