Art + Animals = Artimals

This is one of my favorite forms of upcycling! Taking an old, unwanted toy and transforming it into a work of art!

Monsieur Brachiosaur - decoupaged with pages from a French/English dictionary

You can find them all over the place at yard sales and thrift stores, even in the trash- plastic animal toys or little ceramic animal figurines that have served their purpose in a kid’s room or the kitchen window sill, and then given or thrown away. They still have a use! Art!

Gotta buncha extra tissue paper lying around? Well, viola! You have yourself a Lap Giraffe!

They’re like little sculptures. I have them all over my computer desk and china sideboard like a bunch of little sentinels. My husband has one on his desk at work. My daughter has them on her dresser in her room. They’re fun :) All I do is decoupage them with cut-up magazine pages, paperback book pages, used tissue paper, even map pages from an old atlas!

Unfinished Traveler Elephant - sorry little guy, this is what happens when you have way too many projects going on at once...

I have several of these guys in my Etsy shop right now, plus a cardboard box full of dinosaurs, etc., just waiting to be arted! They seem to be pretty popular! I just have so many things going on at once right now… I’ll work on more soon I hope!



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