Found Objects are my Friends

I’ve been having fun making new jewelry recently! When I first started making earrings and necklaces, I focused a lot on reclaiming old jewelry and using things like keys and metal washers, etc., to give my stuff sort of a modern steampunk kind of look. These new pieces I’ve made are kind of a little different- more off the wall, I guess. The found objects I’ve used in some of these are kinda funky. Here, just have a look at a few:



And then there’s the paper earrings that I’m experimenting with! These are some of my favorites. I use heavy stock paper (like postcard thickness so it isn’t all bendy and not quite as fragile as it sounds) combined with found objects. The ones I’ve made so far are really big and dangly so they really make a statement! But because they’re made with mainly paper, they weigh practically nothing, it’s so cool:


Only about half of these earrings have been posted in my Etsy shop so far. If you click on the thumbnail pictures above, it’ll lead you to the listing on Etsy if they’re for sale. If you love one of the pairs above but don’t see it listed in my shop, let me know! I’ll post it for ya :)






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  1. #1 by Elizabeth DeZouche on June 21, 2011 - 9:57 pm

    Cute earrings! Great idea. Can’t wait to see more!

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