Being vintage is fun!

My vintage shop on Etsy hasn’t even been open for an entire month yet and I’ve already made three sales! I find it exciting, not just because I’m earning money, but because people are falling in love with and willing to pay for things that I don’t use or don’t want, or that my mom has had stored away in a drawer or cabinet for decades :) I’m finding new lives for this great stuff!

An apron with roosters on it that was my Nana’s from the fifties? SOLD! A set of three straw trivets that I had bought at a thrift store and kind of forgotten about? SOLD! A handful of my old Brownie and Girl Scout patches from ’88 that I have no clue why I was hanging on to? Yep, SOLD!

One customer told me that she was giving the apron as a wedding gift to her sister. Wow, that’s too cool! And another customer was a boutique bag shop- I wonder if my girl scout patches are going to be sewn onto some couture purse somewhere? Neat!

Here are a few photos of a couple new items in my shop, just posted in the past couple weeks:


Each thumbnail above should link directly to the item in my store. Go have a look! I don’t care if you’re not buying anything, I just think it’s neat to go read a little history about each item!

I have several more items that I haven’t listed yet, so keep your eye out for new stuff! Er, um- well, vintage stuff is by definition not new, but you know what I mean :D



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