Trying to play catch-up!

Holy cow, I haven’t updated this section of my blog in at least a month! Sheesh. I’ve published three articles for my Arts, Crafts, and the Macabre column over at Zombie Cat Productions and I haven’t written about any of them here. I knew I was behind but I didn’t realize…

Okay, so here’s what I’ve written about since the last time I saw you. Human Skulls, Autopsy Scene Postcards, and most recently, Dr. Frankenstein-esque Jewelry. I even found a little wiggle room to write about my own Etsy shop in one of the articles! I don’t make macabre type stuff, but I found a loophole. Okay, so I *made* a loophole. Hey, you go write your own article for a website and see if you don’t make your own loophole or two as well. Hmph.


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