I’m Branching Out!

Yay! It’s June! That means… summer, right? I’m not exactly sure when summer starts for real. But June, woohoo! Amirite?

There are quite a few things I should have written up blog posts about by now. I figured they could wait. I’ve been busy, yo! One thing I know I should have written about is my new Vintage Vixen shop on Etsy! I’ve expanded within the past week or two. I opened a shop to sell vintage items! I don’t have a huge collection of vintage type things, but I think the shop is pretty good so far. I’ve got things waiting to be added to the inventory as we speak, but they need to be ironed. Ironing’s gross. I’ve been putting it off.

Anyway, ever since opening my art store back in January of this year, Etsy has proven to be a lot of fun! I get so excited when someone buys one of my things :) Not just because I’m making money from it- which I am, and that’s awesome- but because it’s my art, you know? People like me, they really like me! I just made my fourth sale yesterday to someone who isn’t a family member or close friend– for real customers, ya know? Not that I don’t appreciate my best friends for supporting me and buying my stuff (I really owe all you guys, big time!) and not that I don’t consider them “for real” customers… I had to start small in order to expand, right? That’s what my closest friends and family did for me. They got me rolling as far as sales go. They’ve made me look good, and look reputable, so that other customers would buy from me. “She’s made 18 sales since in the past 4 months? Wow, maybe I should buy something from her too, then.” It’s just a good thing that Etsy doesn’t let people know *who* bought those 18 items or else they’d have seen that it was only about 3 different people that were giving me all my business, lol.

So all this is to say thank you, friends, for making this little Etsy business venture that I undertook, a positive experience for me. Thanks for making it successful enough and fun enough that I felt the desire to open a SECOND SHOP! That’s just incredible. Check out this pretty little slideshow I made of some of the items from my vintage shop:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if you guys haven’t checked out my new vintage shop on Etsy, here’s your chance! I don’t expect you to go to the shop and buy something from me (vintage items have to have a specific market usually, people who are looking for something in particular or are avid collectors), I would just love it if you would go see what I have. Click the little Tweet button or Facebook “like” button on the bottom left of my shop page. Spread the word about my shop! Keep showing me support! It’s totally helped me so far!! YAY!

If you haven’t clicked on one of the two handy-dandy links to my vintage shop in the above blog post, don’t worry! If you click on this banner below, it’ll take you there too. Thanks for checking me out, guys!



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