My Art in Action!

I thought maybe I’d start a little mini column here on VixenInc Art featuring some of my artwork in its natural environment- people’s homes. I was recently emailed a couple photos of items on display in my friend’s home (things that she ordered off my Etsy page). I wanted to share with you, my loyal readers, what it could look like if you, too, were to purchase my junk. I mean, my artwork.

Doesn’t this look like a photo from a magazine?? How awesome does my little book sculpture look with Crystal’s decor? I mean, sure, not everyone has a perfect little display of thingies like that up on their mantel or sideboard (I know I don’t, but I like to tell myself her house isn’t really so put-together that she has displays like this just lounging around all the time. She totally set this stuff up just for the photo, right? RIGHT? sigh…), but look how the little book sculpture really ties the room together!! Yep, that’s all it took- MY artwork.

Here’s another photo she sent me- she even added a couple of iPhone special effects to make it all artsy and junk! I think it’s pretty :)

I’m totally jealous of her pretty perfume bottle collection and her YELLOW walls. Mmmmm… yellow… so pretty…

Anyways, thanks Crystal!! Super awesome photos!! If this doesn’t totally make me famous, I don’t know what will :)


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