I’m in Love with Galactic Perry.

“…Travis Young is from Atlanta, and he makes one of the best, ahem, children’s shows ever: “Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship.” It’s self-described as “Family Guy meets Mr. Rogers,” but honestly, the first couple of shows I thought of when I sat for almost an hour watching and re-watching all their YouTube videos were “Imagination Movers” (minus the stupid singing, dancing, and musical instruments) and “Mystery Science Theater 3000…”

You should definitely head on over to Zombie Cat Productions and read my article about Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship. It may be one of the best things on the interwebz right about now. For serious. Maybe I’m a little biased because Perry reminds me of my husband. He’s so random. I will be the first to admit though, my sense of humor is a little skewed compared to others’. As long as I can see a little bit of intelligence behind the jokes, I’m all over it. And lemme tell you, this show is nothing but brains, yo.

I mean, come on! Who couldn’t fall in love with that face??

You HAVE to at least watch this video:

Every time I watch it, the theme song gets stuck in my head. And I LOVE it!



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