Vintage Movie Stills? Be Still my Heart…

Yeah, I know. That title is way cheesy. I apologize…

So here’s an excerpt from the article on Zombie Cat Productions‘ website:

“…every week so far, each Arts, Crafts, and the Macabre article that I’ve written has featured various Etsy shops that sell handmade arts and handmade crafts geared towards the morbid side of all of us…But did you know that Etsy wasn’t exclusively handmade? Not only can you buy creepy handmade stuff, you can buy creepy old stuff too…

“…An entire section of the shop was dedicated to horror and sci-fi! A movie buff’s heaven! Seeing as how that’s what Zombie Cat Productions is made of, a bunch of filmmakers and horror movie buffs, I thought it would be perfect. My husband Chuck’s website,, also reviews a lot of horror movies (albeit the cheesy variety) so I just had to contact the owner of this shop.”

Her name is Pam Hoffman and she sells vintage movie stills. It’s so fantastic. And not expensive at all! Once you buy one of the movie stills and pay for shipping, you can very easily go to the store and buy a frame for it because you have that much money left over!

I’m totally planning on getting a few, especially for my dad and my husband, for birthdays and Xmas. And since there are lots of different sections of her shop, like Romance, Westerns, and Musicals, you can find something for anyone. Mother’s Day is coming up… do I have anything for my mom yet? Hmmm… I wonder if she likes Frankenstein?


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