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My first commission is… “strangely professional.”

Hello friends and loyal readers. I’ve been absent from my blog for a week or two now. Life has been going full force recently. Which is good– I’m not complaining or anything… I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write a new post on here for a little while. I figured what better day to waste time in front of the computer than the day I have a huge job interview? I have so much to do today to get ready. EEEEP!

So last week, I completed my first actual commission of my artwork. I was asked to make some wall decorations for my husband’s work, Social Street Media. Our friend Jennifer is the owner of Social Street Media and she said just to make something cool. She wanted something mixed media. Instead of making one piece of art, I made six different framed mixed media/found object pieces that go together.

I delivered them out to their office last week, but I wasn’t able to install them yet because Jennifer’s waiting on a large vinyl business logo to go in the center of the wall of the front reception room, and as soon as it’s up the pieces I made will go up around it.

I snapped a couple of quick pictures here in my makeshift studio (aka my dining room) before I delivered them. I was planning on taking some photos of them once they got hung up at the office but since that didn’t happen last week, the photos for my portfolio are forthcoming.

I went with a wood and metal theme for the most part. I chose to make the backgrounds of the pieces pages from various books- a Spanish/English dictionary, Peter Rabbit, Huckleberry Finn, Super Fudge (remember that book from when we were kids?), etc, because the business is all about writing. Professional Writing Services and what not. Sorry the above picture is kinda yellowish, my camera at the time sucked horribly. I have a new one now that seems awesome so far. I have yet to take pictures of my art with it. I think it’s gonna kick ass, though.

The background for this one is made of pages from an English thesaurus. The pages contain the words “social,” “street,” “media,” and various others. I’m super proud of the four hand-cut filigrees in the corners. I made them from paperback book covers. I impressed myself. I also wanted to incorporate a handmade look to the business logo in juxtaposition to the sleek graphic-designed actual logo.

Jennifer said she loved them and even ended up paying me a little extra than what I charged her for them. I thought it was super sweet.

When Chuck (my husband) first saw the finished project, he described them as “strangely professional.” I gave him shit about it, but it was an awesome compliment, actually. For the most part, my art can be described as contemporary: fun or funky, young, modern, and “hip,” if you will. teehee!  But when I need to knock something out that’s appropriate for an office- a professional commission- I think this proves that I can do it.

Do you have any more ideas or suggestions for me for the next time I have a commission? Do you have an actual commission you want to hire me for? I need the work for my portfolio! Now is the time to contact me about it because I’m still an up and coming artist as far as that goes, so my prices are quite reasonable still. Just wait until I’m rich and famous! Soon I’ll be charging exorbitant amounts :)


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My Art in Action!

I thought maybe I’d start a little mini column here on VixenInc Art featuring some of my artwork in its natural environment- people’s homes. I was recently emailed a couple photos of items on display in my friend’s home (things that she ordered off my Etsy page). I wanted to share with you, my loyal readers, what it could look like if you, too, were to purchase my junk. I mean, my artwork.

Doesn’t this look like a photo from a magazine?? How awesome does my little book sculpture look with Crystal’s decor? I mean, sure, not everyone has a perfect little display of thingies like that up on their mantel or sideboard (I know I don’t, but I like to tell myself her house isn’t really so put-together that she has displays like this just lounging around all the time. She totally set this stuff up just for the photo, right? RIGHT? sigh…), but look how the little book sculpture really ties the room together!! Yep, that’s all it took- MY artwork.

Here’s another photo she sent me- she even added a couple of iPhone special effects to make it all artsy and junk! I think it’s pretty :)

I’m totally jealous of her pretty perfume bottle collection and her YELLOW walls. Mmmmm… yellow… so pretty…

Anyways, thanks Crystal!! Super awesome photos!! If this doesn’t totally make me famous, I don’t know what will :)

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I’m in Love with Galactic Perry.

“…Travis Young is from Atlanta, and he makes one of the best, ahem, children’s shows ever: “Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship.” It’s self-described as “Family Guy meets Mr. Rogers,” but honestly, the first couple of shows I thought of when I sat for almost an hour watching and re-watching all their YouTube videos were “Imagination Movers” (minus the stupid singing, dancing, and musical instruments) and “Mystery Science Theater 3000…”

You should definitely head on over to Zombie Cat Productions and read my article about Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship. It may be one of the best things on the interwebz right about now. For serious. Maybe I’m a little biased because Perry reminds me of my husband. He’s so random. I will be the first to admit though, my sense of humor is a little skewed compared to others’. As long as I can see a little bit of intelligence behind the jokes, I’m all over it. And lemme tell you, this show is nothing but brains, yo.

I mean, come on! Who couldn’t fall in love with that face??

You HAVE to at least watch this video:

Every time I watch it, the theme song gets stuck in my head. And I LOVE it!


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VixenInc Redux Jewelry

Found object jewelry. Yessir, I may have found my calling. I love it! It combines some of my favorite things and favorite forms of art.

Recycled, reclaimed, upcycled, multi-media, mixed media, found objects, antiqued, vintage, steampunk, industrial, metal, metalwork, unique, quirky, fun, funky… these are a lot of the tags I use when describing my jewelry in myEtsy shop.

Key, skeleton key,  lock & key, washer, watch face, eye hook, pop top, paper clip, plastic toy, resin ring, keychain, swivel clip, charm… these are just some of the items I use to make my jewelry- all earrings and necklaces, so far.

And here’s some photos of what I’ve made just in the past few days:




As of right now, all of these earrings and necklaces can be found in my Etsy shop. I only just posted them yesterday! But soon they’ll sell like hotcakes! I hope…

Here’s the first jewelry sale I made! The listing was up only about 12 hours before Miss Donna bought it :) She’s my second mom and my best customer!!

I hope my new jewelry gets a lot of attention and does well. I have a lot of fun making these and I want to make more! A lot of the fun for me comes in the searching for items to use. Junk shops, thrift stores, yard sales, and friendly donations (hint, hint!), here I come!!

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FROWNING at the Atlanta Film Festival!

Last night was the first of two screenings of our short film, “Frowning,” at the Atlanta Film Festival. It’s okay if you didn’t make it… I didn’t either. It was a school night and I have a kidlet! She and I will both be at the second screening this Friday afternoon, so it’s cool. However, I let Chuck out of the house to go play with his friends for once and here are some of the pictures from their various cameras:

Dustin, Molly C, and Chuck taking Q&A after the screening

Photo opp on the red carpet!

I’m really excited about going on Friday. I bought a new shirt and everything! Gotta be red carpet ready, ya know? I’m such a goober…

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Vintage Movie Stills? Be Still my Heart…

Yeah, I know. That title is way cheesy. I apologize…

So here’s an excerpt from the article on Zombie Cat Productions‘ website:

“…every week so far, each Arts, Crafts, and the Macabre article that I’ve written has featured various Etsy shops that sell handmade arts and handmade crafts geared towards the morbid side of all of us…But did you know that Etsy wasn’t exclusively handmade? Not only can you buy creepy handmade stuff, you can buy creepy old stuff too…

“…An entire section of the shop was dedicated to horror and sci-fi! A movie buff’s heaven! Seeing as how that’s what Zombie Cat Productions is made of, a bunch of filmmakers and horror movie buffs, I thought it would be perfect. My husband Chuck’s website,, also reviews a lot of horror movies (albeit the cheesy variety) so I just had to contact the owner of this shop.”

Her name is Pam Hoffman and she sells vintage movie stills. It’s so fantastic. And not expensive at all! Once you buy one of the movie stills and pay for shipping, you can very easily go to the store and buy a frame for it because you have that much money left over!

I’m totally planning on getting a few, especially for my dad and my husband, for birthdays and Xmas. And since there are lots of different sections of her shop, like Romance, Westerns, and Musicals, you can find something for anyone. Mother’s Day is coming up… do I have anything for my mom yet? Hmmm… I wonder if she likes Frankenstein?

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