The Mold Series

I’ve started a new series of mixed media sculptures recently…

I’ve always worked with found objects. My favorite part of using all the small objects that I find in the trash and in junk drawers and stuff is what they become once they are all joined together. It’s the merging of all the tiny parts into one large piece that I find fascinating. Each piece of junk is given a new life that it couldn’t have had on its own. It’s only through the combination of all the items that they start to live as one. Here’s a photo of my first piece that I made back in 1998, I believe. It was an assignment for my 3D-design class in college:

Probably the thing I love the most about “My Box” is that I can pretty much tell you where each individual item came from. Some of it is from when I was a kid, some were my mom’s, some were my nana’s, some were my roommates’ in college… This piece holds so much emotion and love for me.

A few years later, I made this piece:

It looks a little different now than it did when I took this picture. I added a layer of polyurethane to the top of  it and took some of the items off, freeing up some space. The colors are a little more muted now because of the polyurethane layer. As a matter of fact, now that I’m looking at this photo of it, I’m seeing at least one piece off of it that was used in something else recently. Huh. Here, take a look at this next picture and see if you can see it.

It’s like one of those “Where’s Waldo” images, isn’t it? Hint: it’s the Maggie Simpson head.

So with that last picture, you can see the path of evolution that my found object pieces have followed. I now paint them. It’s neat, because the focus has now become the texture of all these individual pieces put together as one. They honestly look like they are all molded or sculpted out of one piece, one block of something… like fudge. Fudge that’s been painted grey or yellow or pink. To me, they look almost edible.

So the title of this piece is “The Black Mold.” It’s a great example of how my husband’s work and my work play off each other on a relatively regular basis. He just recently wrote a short story called “The Black Mold” for an upcoming publication. In his case, mold means fungus, but in my case, it’s the other meaning of the word, mold, like sculpt.

Anyways, I thought it was neat. So all the rest of this series will be “The ____ Mold.” The pink mold, the yellow mold, the grey mold, the blue mold, etc., etc., etc.

And finally, my favorite:

I like the bunny :)


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