More Quilling!

Good news, friends! I added “buy it now” buttons to each of the pictures of the quilled ornaments in the last post I put up. Spread the word and send your friends on over!

Here’s a link to a listing on my Etsy page as well for a set of 4 quilling ornaments that I made:

Photo of the quilling set for sale in my Etsy shop.

Oh my gosh, I love these things! They’re so pretty and delicate. Actually, they’re not literally delicate. They’re pretty sturdy. The only instance I’ve had of one breaking was when my seven year old picked one up. She had some birthday money and wanted to buy one from me (how cute is that?). I wasn’t looking, but I’m pretty sure she was bending it to see how far it would go before it broke. You know first graders, always testing their limits.

Hey, send me a message or leave a comment and let me know how I can make a special order for you! Want paper of a specific color? Ribbon of a specific color? Want specific shapes? I can make crosses and hearts and cool stuff like that. Lemme know!!


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