Jesus and John and Mary, oh my!

As far as fine art goes, this is the kind of thing I specialize in. Mixed media. Well, mixed media is the nice way to say it. The way I explain it, I make art out of other people’s trash. Whatever isn’t wanted or isn’t valued as something usable, I use it. Broken things, ugly things, discarded things, I love it. It’s the absolutely best way to recycle. The next few images in this post are from my Senior Painting Exhibition from back in 2008 when I graduated college and had my Senior Exit Show, entitled “Immaculate Misconceptions.” All of my work is half paint (mostly oil, some acrylic) and mixed media (which includes, but is not limited to fabric, fur, lace, ribbon, wood, shells, metal, glue, rubber, latex, duct tape, masking tape, toys, plastic objects, flowers, paper, marker, book pages, etc., etc., etc.).

I know I have my artist’s statement from this exhibition around here somewhere too. As soon as I find it I’ll post it as well. It does a pretty good job explaining why I create this kind of art, especially why I created this particular series of art and why I called it Immaculate Misconceptions.


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