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Birthday Cards!

These are all one-sided, non-folding cards, all approximate 5″ x 7″ in size.  I made some that are girl-themed, some are boy-themed, and some are unisex. Each one comes with a nice, white envelope, suitable for mailing. Because these cards don’t open, I’ve made a nice little space on the back to write a little Happy Birthday note :)

They may not look like it at first glance, but a lot of time goes into making these. I guess I could have cut a lot of corners, so to speak, when it came to cutting some of these things out and attaching and gluing things, but pretty much everything you see was completely done by hand.

I take pride in the amount of detail that I expend on each little scrapbook craft that I make. I think they’re adorable. So there.


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Simple Folds…

I use about 50 pages at a time for each half of the sculpture, then glue them together at the spine, and fan them out as best as I can. I haven’t been doing it long and none of my folds have been very complicated so far, but I’ll keep at it. I really like the simplicity of these sculptures that I’ve made so far, though.

(Click on the images below to get a much closer up view)

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My First Quills…

I’m not sure what exactly to do with them yet. I love them! I can make ornaments out of them for windows and walls and Christmas trees, etc., or I can use them to decorate cards or frames or… anything, I suppose! They’re pretty, huh?

Made from strips of book paper about half a centimeter in width...

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Almost Done!

The Zombie Cat Productions film team, which currently consists of Molly C., Chuck, and me, have been working on a stop-motion short film for the past few weeks. It’s called “Frowning,” based on a short story written by The Dust, and we’re doing it for the Atlanta Shortcuts Film Festival, sponsored by Creative Loafing. Our schedules are ridiculously crazy, what with jobs and kids and real-life junk like that, so we’ve been able to work on it two days a week, about five hours a day. Give or take. Molly is Producer and Editor,  Chuck is Lead Animator (or maybe I should say the *Only* Animator, heehee) and I got the awesome title of Art Director. I’ve been making pretty much all the sets and props and whatnots. Impressive, no? We’ve worked well together so far. I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the !!!Magic of Cinema!!! I’ve put together a little gallery here of some behind-the-scene pictures I’ve taken while we’ve been in production. Also, go see all the fun pics Molly C.’s been taking over the past few weeks during shooting too:  (her camera’s MUCH better than mine).

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Handmade Wedding Invitations

Whaddaya think of these, friends? I’m trying my hand at wedding invitations. These two designs I just made are clean, uncluttered, and simple, and I absolutely love them. Here are pictures of these  samples that I made for a good friend of mine.  All the info on them is mine and my husband’s, and let me tell you, if he and I ever have a second wedding, I’m totally making my own invitations <3



They measure 5″ x 7″ each, and in order to cover materials, supplies, and pay myself for my time, they would cost about $1.50 per invitation (including envelope), minmum order of 25, I would think. Maybe 10.

The colors would be customizable, of course. Give me two colors you want utilized and I know I could work with anything.

Oh, and the wording can be changed up a bit- these could also be used for Save the Date cards, Rehearsal Dinner, Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, or Shower invitations!

Please, any and all feedback would be appreciated!

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More Valentine’s Day Cards!

Get ’em while they’re hot!

I have 2 non-folding Valentine cards up for sale that measure approximately 5″x7″ and come with their own sturdy white envelope, suitable for mailing:

I also have a set of 8 valentines for sale, approximately 2 1/2″ by 4″, the perfect size for handing out to friends or classmates:



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