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Polka Dots…

…and Flip Flops!

This afternoon, I mailed off a package of scrapbook crafts to my good friend, Celia Blackmon, who has a children’s boutique in Alabama- Polka Dots and Flip Flops.  Her shop specializes in custom clothing, such as adorable appliques, and custom gifts, like personalized thermoses and monogrammed items. What a perfect place to display some of my hair bow holders, right?

Here’s a gallery of the items that I sent to Celia today:

So everyone go to Polka Dots and Flip Flop‘s Facebook page and take a good, long gander :) There’s way too many cute things, you can pour through all the pictures Celia has posted for hours.

Be on the lookout for my items to make an appearance soon! All of my wall hangings and hair bow holders are 100% customizable, so if you see something you like, contact me with the details and I’ll whip something up for ya!

Thanks again, Celia!



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Facebook discount!

I just posted a discount code for my Etsy page exclusively for fans of my VixenInc Art page on Facebook! Enter the discount/coupon code FACEBOOK when you buy something and check out on Etsy, and receive 20% off your entire order!

This discount will last through Valentine’s Day 2011. I’ll be posting new items for sale as soon as I can, so check back on a daily basis for something you can get on sale!

Remember, you have to be a fan of my  VixenInc Art Facebook page to get the discount. No cheating!

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Valentine’s Day Cards

More Scrapbook Crafts for everyone!!

I just posted 2 sets of 4 valentines in my Etsy shop. Here’s another set of 2 cards for y’all, my loyal fans :)

These handmade Valentine’s Day cards are made from lightweight paperboard wrapped in decorative scrapbook paper, accented with 100% hand-cut colored card stock and topped with cute little vintage-inspired images.

Sold in a set of two, each Valentine measures approximately 3 1/4″ by 4 1/2″. They come complete with two hearts on the back, the perfect spot to fill in your “To” and “From”.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




I’m no photographer…

…but I’ve dabbled in the process. A little bit.

You know that awesome camera commercial where this guy is showing his photography in a gallery and there’s a huge crowd there asking him questions, and the one man says, “Can you tell me what F stop you had the aperture set at?” And the guy says, “Uh, pretty big.” Yeah, that’s me. I have a regular old point and shoot digital camera. I know nothing about “real” photography. But I like it.

I graduated from college with a double major in both Art History and Studio Arts, with a concentration in Painting. Along with all the upper level Art History and upper level Painting courses, I took a wide variety of Studio Art courses such as Drawing, Jewelry, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Printmaking, but I never ever took a Photography course. Maybe I should have.

Anyways, here are a few of my photos. Hopefully soon, I’ll be looking into getting them reproduced as prints and framing them and selling them or at least having them shown in a gallery or coffee shop somewhere. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I do. For now, take a peek at some of the photos I like the best. Click on the thumbnail of the photo for a larger view.

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Samples for Annapw!

Here are some of the combos I can make out of the “girly” paper and designs I have. Some are pretty darn pink, some are a little funkier, I suppose. I’m not sure just how girly and pink you wanna go…

Here are the blue themed combos I came up with for ya! I was a little more limited when it came to boys’ stuff rather than girls.

And here are the samples of ribbon I have. Again, the boy ribbon choices are more limited than the girls :) It might be hard to put ribbons together with scrapbook paper by just looking at them online, but I thought you might like to see the choices anyway.

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Wall Hanging – Blue/Green Polka Dot

Blue, green and yellow polka dot pattern wall hanging with yellow/orange dotted grosgrain ribbon. ~This is completely customizable! Tell me the name, word, initial, or monogram you’d like to add as well as the color of the photo corners you would like attached to the name plate.

This wall hanging is approximately 4″ x 2 1/2″ and is made of lightweight paperboard, wrapped with decorative scrapbook paper, and accented with colored, hand-cut stock paper. The fun and colorful design is the perfect decoration for a wall, door, or window of either a boy or a girl’s room. Give it as a gift or attach it to a gift box or gift bag for that unique, handmade touch!



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Samples of my crafty work…


All those names? Yeah, they're 100% hand-lettered. Time consuming? You betcha! I think they turn out super cute, though.

This one's hanging in my daughter's room. Every time I make something, she wants one. I can't blame her. They're adorable, right?

These were the first 2 hair bow holders I made. You can find "Princess" ones and customizable ones on my Etsy page!

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